A Prayer for the Children of Texas

 From Teresa Van Hooser


My name is Paul! My heart is purple! I love purple gumdrops and parties. I live in Pearland, Texas. My Mom is a paramedic. I haven’t seen my Mom for the last few days. She is saving other people’s lives. She loves me very much. She says she can’t come home right now because our state had a catastrophe! I am tired and I want my Mom to come home. What does catastrophe mean?

My name is Robin! My heart is red! I love ribs and ranch dressing. I live in Richmond, Texas.   My room has great toys and a nice bed. Now we are sleeping on the floor in a huge building with people everywhere.  I am hungry. I want to go home. My Grandpa says it will be okay, because Texans are resilient!  What does resilient mean?  

My name is Ben! My heart is blue! I love bicycles and bananas! I live in Baytown, Texas. When I go to school, I get my breakfast and lunch. When my teacher smiles at me it makes my happy. I am lonely.  Dad said we can’t go to school now, because of the hurricane. He says this hurricane is a major inconvenience!  What does inconvenience mean?

My name is Olivia! My heart is orange! I live in Orange, Texas. I like orange juice and octopus.   I saw on TV that many people in our area have had to leave their homes because of a flood.  I gave some of my allowance money to help with families that have lost their homes. My Grandmother said we Texans are benevolent! What does benevolent mean?

My name is Grace! My heart is green! I live in Groves, Texas. I like grapes  and garage sales.  My home has water everywhere. Nice people saved us by picking us up from our house in a boat. My baby sister is crying.  At church, they taught me a story about Jesus calming the storm. Where is God?

My name is God! My heart is the RAINBOW! “I am here.” 

Texas needed to be reminded what it means to be a Texan.  To rely on God and their neighbors, when times get tough. To take care of all people as friends, and remember what can happen when we work as one.  

God looked down on all his people and said, “It was good!”
Copyright Teresa Van Hooser 2017


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